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Concrete Finishing Services:


Concrete Floor Polishing + Ashford Sealers

Team ACC uses a mechanical grind and polish process, utilizing Industrial Diamonds and Impregnating Hardeners and Sealers, to densify, polish, and seal the floor from within the interior of the concrete surface.

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Shot Blasting

Concrete Shot Blasting involves resurfacing using metal beads (or shots) that are shot out of a machine, and which blast away debris, contaminants, and abnormalities on the concrete surface. This process is similar to sandblasting but uses larger and faster metal pellets to provide a more powerful clean.

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Concrete Surface Prep

We offer a full line of concrete surface prep services that patch and fill divots and prepare your poured concrete for other finishes.

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Moisture Mitigation

ACC provides moisture mitigation treatment to prevent the introduction of water vapor into flooring systems. This includes vapor from groundwater, subfloor systems, and more.

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Polyurea Joints

Polyurea Joint Filler is the ideal choice for concrete joint edge protection for retail, commercial, and warehouse floors. Joint Filler is a product that Team ACC applies in a variety of jobs and locations across the United States, using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure a precise and durable application.

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Flooring Removal

Team ACC provides flooring surface material removal services for a wide range of clients. This process involves diamond grinding and removing existing flooring surface materials such as tile, mastic, epoxy, paint, wood, and more. This process is to prepare for a new surface material or polish treatment.

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Set In Stone.

From humble beginnings to a company that operates in some of the largest commercial warehouse and distribution center construction sites in the nation, American Concrete Coatings has built a reputation for delivering exceptional quality that is 'set in stone.' They are dedicated to providing the highest level of craftsmanship and using the best materials and equipment available to ensure every project meets their rigorous standards.

With a commitment to excellence that permeates everything they do, ACC is a trusted partner for all your concrete polishing and surface preparation needs. 

American Concrete Coatings in action.

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