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Flooring Removal

American Concrete Coatings offers an extensive range of flooring removal services tailored to a diverse clientele. Our expertise lies in the meticulous removal of existing flooring surfaces and associated debris, setting the stage for the application of new surface treatments and polishing. Whether it's worn-out flooring in need of replacement, damaged concrete structures, or the desire for a fresh surface finish, our team ensures a thorough and efficient process. We go beyond removal, focusing on preparing the groundwork to achieve optimal results for our clients.

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The Benefits:

Floor removal services provide general contractors with numerous advantages, including time and labor efficiency, reduced substrate damage, dust and debris control, access to specialized equipment, expertise in handling various flooring materials, compliance with environmental regulations, safety measures, and overall cost savings. By entrusting the removal of old flooring to professionals, general contractors streamline projects, enhance final concrete quality, and ensure safety and efficiency in the working environment while saving on labor and equipment costs.

The Process:

The flooring demo and removal process lays the groundwork for further application of product and surface finishing.

The Locations:

American Concrete Coatings performs floor removing services for the entire Southeastern United States. We primarily perform this service for: