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Moisture Mitigation

American Concrete Coatings excels in delivering comprehensive Moisture Mitigation services, catering to a wide spectrum of clients with diverse concrete-related needs. Our specialization lies in addressing moisture challenges within concrete substrates, ensuring a robust foundation for subsequent surface applications. Whether confronted with issues like concrete moisture vapor emissions, which can compromise the integrity of flooring systems, or the need for preventative measures in high-moisture environments, our team is equipped to provide effective solutions. Going beyond mitigation, we prioritize thorough groundwork preparation, allowing our clients to enjoy long-lasting, resilient surfaces. With a commitment to excellence, American Concrete Coatings stands as a trusted partner in safeguarding concrete structures against moisture-related issues.

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The Benefits:

Moisture mitigation on floors is crucial for preventing damage, enhancing durability, and improving adhesion between the flooring material and the substrate. It not only reduces the risks of issues like warping and mold growth but also contributes to cost savings by avoiding the need for repairs or replacements due to moisture-related damage. Additionally, proper moisture control ensures a consistent performance of flooring materials, supports warranty compliance, and fosters a safer and healthier indoor environment.

The Process:

Moisture mitigation in flooring involves a comprehensive process, including site assessment, the installation of moisture barriers, surface preparation, and the use of moisture-resistant adhesives. Additionally, factors like concrete sealing, humidity control, acclimatization of flooring material, and professional installation contribute to ensuring long-term durability and performance.

The Locations:

American Concrete Coatings performs floor removing services for the entire Southeastern United States. We primarily perform this service for: